Funding and Allowances

Whether you receive social funding or not you should be making the choice as to who delivers your care and when. Under the Personalisation Agenda local councils should be giving you help and support with all the benefits and services you are entitled to and where appropriate you should receive a personal budget into your bank account. This is because you now decide who comes into your home and provides you with care services not them.

Make sure you are being given full information of all private and local council care providers in your area, what their charges are and what services they can offer you. Be independent and claim back your right to choose your service provider.

For further information on the personalisation agenda and other services please click on the external links below. Remember we will help you to understand the current system and help you get any support and assistance you are entitled to.

Government Services and Information

Brighton and Hove Council set their own funding criteria, the following links will provide you with information regarding current funding. If there is anything you don't understand we can explain this to you during our initial consultation.

Are you entitled to help from Brighton and Hove Adult Social Care Services?